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Heating an Cooling Products

K&T Heating and Cooling is proud to offer and be a certified maintainace technician for Amana, ComfortMaker and Hydronic Heating. We also are reliable installers for tank and tankless water heaters.

  1. Amana - We offer all of there products. We have be a licensed dealer since 1987. We have been recognized in exceptional sales performance in 1996 and 2005. We are also certified to service Amana furnaces and air conditioners. Amana has both Natural and LP gas fired furnaces and air conditioners. With the highest energy effiecent models to qualify for Federal Tax Credit, Energy Credit, and right now until July 31, 2009 Amana is offering rebates on efficient units.

  2. ComfortMaker - We offer all of there ComfortMaker products. These products are a lower cost furnace and air conditioner. We will are able to offer financing with Citi on these units.
  3. Hydronic Heating

  4. In-Floor Heating - "Provides a more consistant heat. Radiant heating fluctuates less in temperature. Providing the home with a more even heat.
  5. Air conditioners - Amana and ComfortMaker

  6. Air to Air Exchangers - To provide air quality in the home with ventalation and filteration.

  7. Hot Water Heaters - Both tank and tankless units. The tankless units are part of the Federal Energy Credit.

  8. Honeywell Programmable Thermostats - Big energy savers. Set thermostat around your day. Heat or Cool less when you are gone from the house or sleeping.
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